Raising the Bar Melbourne

20 Talks | 10 Bars | 1 Night
Raising the Bar (RTB) is a worldwide initiative aimed at making education part of a city’s popular culture. Innovators delivered free talks around the city, bringing the concept that "good ideas are born at the bar" and to raise the bar in terms of the content we consume and discuss in society.

Audiences choose from speakers, topics and amazing bars. Some highlights include:

● Barrister and writer Hilary Bonney talk about the role of storytelling in real (and unreal) court cases.

● Monash University's Kate Burridge for a talk on swearing in Australian culture.

● Deakin’s Entomologist Associate Professor Michelle Harvey on maggots, vile villains or surprising superheroes?

● Will Dayble on pros and cons of setting up a colony on Mars.

● Ascension magazine Sasha Sarago and writer Nayuka Gorrie on perceptions of Indigenous beauty.

I lead the development and delivery of Melbourne’s inaugural RTB Melbourne in 2016, and now an annual event produced by the City of Melbourne.

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