Melbourne Knowledge Week Festival - City of Melbourne

Connecting Minds, Creating Change
Melbourne Knowledge Week is the City of Melbourne premier innovation festival aimed at exploring the interconnected challenges and opportunities facing the future of Melbourne and its people. Audiences and industry explored, collaborated and connected with the talent and innovation shaping the city and its people’s future to contribute to making Melbourne a smarter and more resilient city.

As Director over five years, I developed MKW from a small conference attracting 1,100 academics into a multifaceted cross-industry public festival attracting over 15,000 participants.

By 2016 MKW received council premier festival status, national television coverage, and was awarded theTech diversity Award 2016 - Government Category for diversity and inclusion across programming, 95% free events and audience.  

Maker Community Day MKW 2016 - Thousand Pound Bend Festival Hub.

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