Knowledge Melbourne Program Manager 
Smart City Office, City of Melbourne

Council's Knowledge Melbourne, Smart City initiative aimed to drive the ongoing development of the municipality’s knowledge and innovation capacity, culture and reputation. 

As Program Manager I led the Knowledge Melbourne team and development and implementation of council's "A Knowledge City Strategy 2014-18" and other related activities to satisfy Smart City Office (SCO)and Council objectives in collaboration for government, industry and community. 

I was responsible for annual planning, forecasting, budget and strategic decision-making, program development and delivery and review and reporting to Council and Councillors specifically Councillor Dr Jackie Watts, Chair of the Knowledge City Portfolio. Some of these initiatives include but are not limited to:

· Melbourne Knowledge Week Festival
· Melbourne Conversations Program
· Creative Technology Fellowship
· Public Programming: Curation and delivery of a range of knowledge related events and activities in partnership with industry such as Raising the Bar Melbourne 2016
· Partnership Program: Funding, commercial and inkind partnerships.
· Profiling: marketing and communications including utiising a range of digital platforms and technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and apps as well as data.

As a member of the SCO leadership team I contributed to the development and delivery of a range of policy, research and council actions including the:
- "Smart City Approach" and products such as Public Programming, Innovation District and Open Innovation and Research Program.
- "Sharing Economy: Impacts and Implications Research Report" to inform council's future approaches and policies to enhance Melbourne’s sharing economy and community and manage the impacts of the gig economy. 
- "Melbourne Knowledge Week Growth Strategy 2014-17" to reach premiere event status
- "Startup Action Plan 2017-21" aimed at enhancing greater Melbourne’s innovative entrepreneurial community. 

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