Instructions for the Heide Garden

Artist Statement

A series of participatory instructional pieces are presented to be enacted at particular locations at Heide by individual audience members. Each instructional piece or “exercise” is different and playful, metaphysical or physical, with the aim to elicit contemplation of self within the moment and place, or provoke a different experience/interpretation of Heide, ultimately aiming to create an edifying experience. Decontextualise, then reconstruct.

This work invites people to reflect on the many signs, messages and instructions we experience in our physical and digital worlds on a daily basis, like safety instructions, warnings, way-finding, self-help guides and advertising. All of these require us to read, interpret and make a decision to follow or not.

This work aims to be instructional to a point, then the participant takes over, leading to different meanings and interpretations explored. This work is influenced by the Fluxes Movement and is an experiment in participatory practice that focuses on grounding audience members in themselves and in a series of locations, in this instance Heide.

Instructional Booklet


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