Dossier of Artists and Influencers - Masters of Art in Public Space

Drawing on my formative studies in Arts Management at the University of Melbourne and Fine Art at Queensland College of Art (QCA), Griffith University, I have pursued a career as an arts manager and continued a modest arts practice.

As an arts management professional over the last 15 years, I have helped organisations develop creative experiences and programs, and better relationships with their industry partners and community that resulted in generating meaningful connections, unique experiences and real outcomes. The types of outputs have been festivals, activations, placemaking initiatives, events and creative programs and workshops, in a range of context such as state and local government, museums and galleries, SME’s and tertiary institutions.

My arts practice is in sculpture, installation art, painting, participatory art, and exploring materials and objects. Concepts and themes I explore are memory, triggers, art codesigned with audiences, human behaviour and contradictions or incongruity and cognitive dissonance.

My broad practice can be potentially defined as Curator-Artist-Producer, a practising artist who also produces and curates shows, events, festivals and experiences from which they exhibit their ideas and art (draft).

The approach I took for my online dossier, was to select and reengage with influencers spanning from the very early days of my creative exploration, through my working practice, to my current and future focus, art in public space. Therefore, my dossier includes artists, curators, arts managers and also communities of practice - such as, Fluxus, Situations, Creative Times, Field Theory, and Testing Grounds and The Melbourne Principles: New Rules for Public Art.

This semester in my practical subjects and artwork creation I have produced temporary works, wearable art made from ice, instructional pieces, sound works, video and installations responding to the site, Heide Museum of Modern Art and theme 'the healing garden' and also a hypothetical on the theme of 'water'. The styles and movements explored that were new to me were text-based art, instructional pieces, notional art, participation, video and sound.

From this I am focussed towards developing a conceptually driven arts practice utilising different mediums, platforms and approaches to audience participation to enhance the ideas and depth of engagement.

Themes I would like to experiment with further are tricks of perception, wonder from contradictions in thought, episodic future thinking, simulation theory of cognition (the mind can use its own output as new input, then it can simulate reality) and looking to the edges of experience and frameworks that shape our experience of life. How we comprehend reality and rethink ourselves within it.

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