Master of Art in Public Space (MAPS).Current Works and Proposals

As part of MAPS I am developing my knowledge and skills in historical, theoretical and practical aspects of art in public space, critically examining the relationship between art and public space and exploring diverse curatorial approaches and developing a professional practice. I wish to expand my knowledge, and critical and creative thinking about art in public spaces, the use of space, activations and apply it both to my work and creative practice.

Creative Practice Development

I am focussed on developing a conceptually driven arts practice and multi-disciplinary approach for creative expression, to enhance my concepts and create opportunities for deeper and broader engagement. I am exploring my creative practice further with a focus on experimenting with mediums, installations and activations in the public realm and collaborations to bring creative ideas to fruition.

Themes being explored

The themes I am currently exploring are perception and wonder.

Close your eyes for two seconds. Imagine a colour that doesn’t exist?

It’s really difficult to do because the brain builds models or simulations of the world in our head from past experiences.

To wonder is also to wander, to stray from society and its norms and constructs, to be alone, to be free.

As our lives get busier, we tend to streamline our schedules and relationships to become more efficient. Many people do not open themselves to wonder for fear that it may distract them, overwhelm their resources, or upset their equilibrium. We want to know what will happen and when it will happen. Our understanding of ourselves is more defined by what we believe in our heads than by the actual external world that we experience. Questioning perception and taking time to wonder potentially allows us to see ourselves differently.

I intend to explore this theme by sourcing wonders from participants and recreate them utilising different artists practices, materials and places that lend to more sensory, immersive and participatory outcomes. Creating experiences to wonder someone else’s wonder. The aim would be to draw people into and out of themselves, letting wonder reconnect them with something much greater and higher than our daily humdrum and augment our future perceptions of ourselves and the world. How we each comprehend reality and rethink ourselves within it.

Dossier of Influencers

My online dossier of influences reflect a Curator-Artist-Producer, a practising artist who also produces and curates shows, events, festivals and experiences from which they exhibit their ideas and art. It includes artists, curators, arts managers and also communities of practice - such as, Fluxus, Situations, Creative Times, Field Theory, and Testing Grounds and The Melbourne Principles: New Rules for Public Art.

Works and Proposals are as follows:

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