Communities of Practice, Curator-Artists and Influencers

Communities of Practice.... cross boundaries between institutions, subject and pedagogical content knowledge, conceptions of the discipline of art in public spaces. 

Fluxus an international avant-garde collective or network of artists and composers founded in the1960s and still continuing today. Communities of practice have continued Fluxus in different ways by adopting a ‘do-it-yourself’ attitude to creative activity.  Seeing themselves as an alternative to academic art and music, Fluxus was a democratic form of creativity open to anyone. 

The Melbourne Principles: New Rules for Public Art
Reimagined from ‘The New Rules of Public Art’ first published in2013 by Situations at the City of Melbourne Biennale Lab in 2016. Artists participating in BiennaleLab developed the rules in collaboration with Claire Doherty, Director of Situations to act as a catalyst for debate, fostering discussion about the role of public art. 
1. Address what is urgent.        2. Get unsettled.        3. Negotiate meaning, don't explain it.        4. Process can bean outcome.        5. Look closer, and closer still.       6. Take time, give time.        7. Propose solutions through questions.        8. Know when to seek permission.        9. Come rain or shine, weather the storm.        10. Rules are for breaking.

Marcus Westbury
Collingwood Arts Precinct, Renew Newcastle and This is not art festival

Broadcaster, writer, media maker and festival director who has been responsible for some of Australia’s more innovative, unconventional and successful cultural projects and events.

Assemble are a London-based collective who work across the fields of art, design and architecture to create projects in tandem with the communities who use and inhabit them. Their architectural spaces and environments promote direct action and embrace a DIY sensibility.

Creative Times (CT) is a public arts organisation that works with artists commissions and presents ambitious public art projects in New York mostly but also across the world. Their work is guided by three core values: art matters, artists’ voices are important in shaping society, and public spaces are places for creative and free expression

Field Theory is a collective of Australian artists committed to making and supporting projects that cross disciplines, shift contexts and seek new strategies for engaging with the public sphere. Their work is a combination of making, performing, curating and producing that responds to the unique conditions of specific times and places.

Creative Technologists (next iteration)
Dr Betty Sargeant, Artist, Creative Technologist, Immersive Art and Academic - PluginHUMAN, sensory art technology experiences. 
Dr Troy Innocent, Visual Artist, Game Designer and Academic - Playable Cities and 64 Ways of Being (AR, App development, game).
Greg Moore, Creative Data Visualisation Designer and Academic - OOMCreative.

Artist-Curator's...... tends to remain outside the commercial art world, and within a community of artists – often ones with whom they studied, or of a similar generation – who are frustrated by the perceived impenetrability of the art world. For some artist-curators, it is the freedom to create art, control its output and have a say in how it is exhibited that appeals, for others it is a means of survival, a way of gaining exposure for the art that they and others do.

Arie Rain Glorie is a Melbourne based Curator- Artist and Program Director and Curator of Testing Grounds and Curator at the Centre for Dramaturgy and Curation.

Willoh S.Weiland is an artist, writer, curator - Situate - and the Artistic Director of Aphids. Aphids is a  25-year-old artist-led experimental art organisation based in Melbourne focussed on collaborative and future-focused, themes around feminist, intersectional art; bringing artists into meaningful exchange with audiences through performance, critical dialogue and unpredictable encounters in the public realm.

Jason Maling (Artist and Field Theory) is an artist who designs experiences. He orchestrates people, places, objects and images to create encounters that playfully disrupt assumptions. His work happens where it needs to, uses what it must and generally asks where am I, you, and we, in all this?

Individuals and Influencers.....

Lisa Warrener Global Arts Projects

Lynda Roberts Public Assembly 

Andy Dinan - ADA Consulting and MARS Gallery

John Kaldor - Kaldor Public Art Projects 

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